Meet the team

“Mr. Dashrath Patel is the eldest of three brothers and a Partner in Samarth Diamond. He is a civil engineer & has experience in the agricultural & industrial space prior to commencing business activities in the diamond industry. He currently manages the Sales, Finance & International Affairs of the Firm.”

Sales, Finance and International Affairs

Dashrath Patel

“Mr. Govind Patel is a science graduate & holds an MBA in Human Resources. He currently manages the Firm’s Technology & Human Resource departments. He is abreast with the latest technological developments in the diamond cutting & polishing industry and has a wealth of experience in managing the Firm’s personnel.”

Procurement & Manufacturing Operations

Govind Patel

“Mr. Dinesh Patel has more than 28 years of business experience. He currently manages the Firm’s procurement & manufacturing related operations. His eye for detail & desire for excellence has helped Samarth Diamond to attain world-class status.”

Procurement & Manufacturing Operations

Dinesh Patel